Reallusion CC3 Pipeline with iClone 7

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Character Creator 3 (CC3) is a full character creation solution for designers to easily create, import and customize character assets

In my pursuit of game development I have sought software assistance via the Reallusion combo pack available at a discount on Renderosity!  It is a sweet deal imo.  It’s still the most money I have put down for a software program on my Game Dev journey, other than my 3D Asset collection.

I spent this past weekend getting to know Character Creator 3 and imported a handful of Daz figures, along with some clothing and weapons and did a few test renders.  I was surprised by how fast CC3 will kick out a 4K image render!  Blazing fast.

Currently I have a long way to go, and realize that there are many more steps to Game Dev than just getting a 3D character into CC3 or iclone7.  I feel it’s a start.  Based on the timeline that I have so far, maybe by end of year I will have something to show for the effort I have put in this year.

Ultimate goal is to create realistic VR games and experiences.  Prior to achieving that, I want to create playable desktop games and cinematic shorts  using 3D assets.

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